Commercializing Innovations
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Dr. Yun Li is a serial entrepreneur, an active member in the New Mexico startup ecosystem,  and has a great understanding and relationship with the entrepreneurs in the community.  She was educated at one of the China's most influential educational institute, TsingHua University, and has an extensive network of  friends and business professionals in China. 

Yun is blessed with the essential skills working with people and data.  She is able to process a great deal of data and information in a short time to weed out the non-essentials. Such skills enable her to assist her clients in technology and market due-diligence and competitive analysis, strategizing business development,  evaluating and commercializing technologies, and seeking industry applications and collaborations.  She is a high level thinker who is capable of working on tedious technical details and solving problems from bottom up.  A curious and faster learner, when being introduced to a new project, she quickly grasp the concept and idea.  Combining with the critical thinking ability, she enjoys evaluating and  strategizing a project/business' values and advantages.  A trained experimental physicist, she also enjoys hands on discovery and problem solving, writing proposal and grant applications.   

Besides her passion for  innovations and technology commercializing, she loves working with people.  She has coached and trained business leaders and executives from large corporations to small businesses. Throughout her career at corporations and as an entrepreneur, she has enjoyed working with people with diverse professional, educational, cultural backgrounds.

Currently, she is working on creating an early stage evergreen fund-TechadvanceNM to contribute to the New Mexico economic development and create jobs,  serves as the Chief Operations officer (COO) for two startup companies and a board member for Startup New Mexico. 
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