Commercializing Innovations
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We provide technology and business consultation services with the mission to foster economic development and business growth, through commercializing innovative technologies to global market.  Our services include: 
  • Access to China capitals and markets
  • Evaluate US innovative products and technologies
  • Due-diligence
  • Market competitive analysis
  • Commercialization and corporate development strategies
  • Business planning and management
  • Raising capitals
  • Program/project management 
  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • Team building and training
Examples projects:
  • Composite structural materials
  • Nano technology
  • Thin film technologies
  • Quantum dots and bio sensors
  • Cryogenic cooling
  • Solar and wind energy generation
  • Point of Care diagnostics
  • Medical imaging devices
  • Ultrasound Tomography
  • Life science and pharmaceuticals
  • Bulk GaN
  • Membrane distillation process