Commercializing Innovations
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For China entrepreneur, Yunexus is a Chinese owned consulting company in technology startup and business.  We knows, intimately, the local technology companies and leading edge innovations, and offers the services to introduce the companies and technologies to Chinese investors with the intention to bring the innovations into China market.  In our view, China is in another 20 years growth shifting its low value contracting manufacturing industry to high value technology sectors, which depend on enormous amount of R&D resources. 
US leads the world in R&D. We have a broad exposure to US national labs and university’s technologies, deep understanding of the technology trend and competition, and firsthand knowledge of leading edge innovations. We marry US innovations with China’s capitals and markets.

Yunexus是唯一中国人拥有的技术启动和商业咨询公司.  我们对当地的技术公司和领先的创新技术有密切和深度了解. 我们提供介绍服务,协助中国投资者和中国企业家靶高水平的技术引进中国市场. 中国的产业转移正在进入另一个20年的增长,从低附加值承包制造转向高价值的技术部门,这需要并依赖于大量的研发资源。美国研发处于世界领先地位. 我们对美国国家实验室和大学的技术拥有广泛的接触, 对前沿创新的技术产品有第一手的了解,对技术的发展趋势和竞争有深刻理解. 我们匹配和连接美国创新技术产品与中国的资金和市场”