Commercializing Innovations
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For US entrepreneur, Yunexus is the only company in the southwest US that consults and helps the technology startups to commercialize their innovations through the access to China's capitals and markets.
In the state of NM, the R&D and commercialization investment are deadly out of sync.  For example, for every dollar effort in R&D, there is only about 0.5 cent effort into the commercializing, 10 times lower than the national average. NM technology startups face the challenges of scarce VC capital and the market delay to adopt the leading edge innovative technologies and products.
We have a trusted network in China with investors, entrepreneurs and management professionals, who are passionate to take leading edge innovations to markets.  We bridge the understanding and build the trust of doing business with China (and US).  We marry US innovations with China‚Äôs capitals and markets.